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  • Nepal Trekking

    Trekking in Nepal has been one of the most popular adventure sports. Nepal has one of the most incredible trekking destinations in the world, therefore why Nepal has been one of the ultimate destinations for the foreigners from across the world for having trekking. Trekking is a combination of journey... Read More

  • Nepal Peak Climbing

    Peak Climbing in Nepal is one of the most adventure sports and one of the most demanded packages among the travelers from across the world. More than anything else, Nepal is best known for its snow-capped peaks. Nepal is only the country in the world which has the highest number... Read More

  • Nepal Tour | Tour in Nepal

    Kathmandu, Bungee jumping, Mountain Flight, Chitwan, Pokhara, an Ultralight-flight at Sarangkot
    Tour in Nepal is one of the exciting and frequently organized trips. The Thin Air Adventure Team has designed this trip differently in order to impart you both the adventure and simply detouring through a simple walk alongside of... Read More

  • Jungle Safari in Nepal

    Nepal is not merely an ultimate destination for trekking and travel alone but also for the Jungle safari, as because Nepal is the home to a number of endangered birds and animals, diverse flora and fauna. A case in point is that Nepal preserves nearly 20 percent of its land... Read More

  • Mountaineering in Nepal

    Nepal has been an ultimate destination for mountaineering for thousands of travelers from across the world, as there are a number of highest peaks offering the opportunities for mountaineering trip. Out of 14, Nepal is the home to 8, world's highest mountains above 8,000 m in the world namely-- Mt.... Read More

  • Rafting in Nepal

    Nepal is also an ultimate destination for having boating in the white-water fed directly from the snow-capped white Himalayas.
    Nepal is the home to over 1,300 streams and rivers directly fed by snow. The boating is possible in majority of rivers in the country, therefore, why thousands of travelers... Read More

  • Outdoor Adventure in Nepal

    Nepal dobbed to be one of the best countries in the world for adventure, as because there are wide range of options for providing fun and enriching outdoor experiences, ranging from one-day excursions to a week-long expeditions. We, the team of Thin Air Adventure is organizing a varied range of... Read More

  • Bhutan Tour

    Thin Air Adventure team has long been operating several tour packages in Bhutan, as per the schedule and interest of travelers coming in its contacts. The tour package in Bhutan is designed in such a way that you will be able to explore the diverse cultural diversity, have adventurous trips... Read More

  • Tibet Tour

  • Hiking in Nepal

    Dictionary says hiking is to take walking for pleasure or exercise in the countryside. In contrast to this definition, Nepal offers greater range of chance to enjoy oneself with the hiking. There exists varied shape and size of hillocks in Nepal where you can spend a... Read More

  • India Tour

    India is a country of various cultures and traditions. India is a triangle with the top formed by the mighty Himalayan Mountain chain. Here you will find the intriguing Tibetan region and the astonishingly beautiful Himalayan areas of Kashmir (The Heaven on... Read More