We, the team of Thin Air Adventure would like to welcome you in this tiny and land-locked country where there is a never ending adventure in trekking, mountaineering, white-water rafting, jungle safari, cultural tour, and numerous other adventurous trips, not merely in Nepal, but also in India, Bhutan, and Tibet. We are an adventure travel company that specializes in organizing small group trekking, tours and expeditions to the Himalayas. Our journey ranges from gentle trekking with cultural visits and exploring of remote areas of Himalayas to the expedition on the highest point of earth, the Mt. Everest.

Your safety and pleasure are our top priorities. In case of emergency, we have special programs for rescue missions and helicopter evacuations.

We would be delighted to hear from you and look forward to designing and planning a memorable itinerary for you.

Why Choose Thin Air Adventure (P) Ltd. Company? Because:

• Our specialised and personalized service will create an interesting and unforgettable holiday for you.
• Our expert teams will make your stay happy and enjoyable.
• Our guides, cooks, Sherpas and porters are all fully trained in the transport and preparation of delicious and healthy food.
• All our staff members have quality equipment.
• We ensure our customers’ safety by meeting them at the airport and organising their departure.
• We provide all information regarding the costs, which will be incurred during your stay and lists of the items which you will need to bring. With the increasing concern over the global impact of tourism, Thin Air Adventure (P) Ltd. is moving towards the promotion of responsible tourism through cultural, historical and environmental awareness.


Before coming to Nepal, we will provide you with clear details regarding what you need to do before leaving your country for example visas and vaccinations. We will also provide you with concise information regarding the climate, customs and terrain in Nepal. Your guide will be fully qualified in all aspects of first aid and will be a mountain specialist, as required by Government policy. We are available 24/7 and in case of emergency, we will arrange helicopter evacuations.


During our treks and expeditions we provide fresh healthy food, hygienically prepared by our private cooks. If during your trek the accommodation is in tea houses, they will provide you with Nepalese, Chinese, Italian as well western meals. Beverages include tea, coffee, hot chocolate. Our local food is organic and free of chemicals and pesticides.


All our equipment is new and carefully maintained. We use Salewa tents, North Face tents and Nepal Balaju tents.


We have long-standing relationships in both cities and trekking areas with the hotel owners and the management. You can have excellent accommodation even in the rural trekking areas. Reasonable and economic accommodation is also available if desired.

Health and comfort

We monitor your level of physical fitness and your appetite at all times. We also suggest some medicines to take with you.
Environmental concerns
Camping is the preferred way to enjoy one of the most beautiful and fragile spots on earth, because it allows you to be close to nature. Your sensitivity for your surroundings will influence others and your team will help with these simple guidelines:

  • Do not leave anything except your footprints
  • Do not take away anything except photos
  • Use biodegradable products (burnable, disposable)
  • Do not leave waste burning; extinguish fully with water or by covering with soil.
  • Ensure that toilets are dug at least 40m from the camp, and cover with earth on departure.

Our mission

We believe that the mountain and its people are inter- connected with each other. So we invest a small part of our annual income to improve the lives of people living in the mountains and to promote the eco-tourism that includes education, environmental sanitation, safe drinking water and other development oriented programs.