Equipment list for trekking

The selection of equipments falls under the preparation for trekking. Preparing for trekking is all about equipping yourself for a weekend backpacking trip. This is all for preparing that no food to worry about, no eating utensils, or cooking pots to organize, no tents to stow, and less overall concern with weight and bulk. If you do follow these organizations, you can have many happy hours--planning the trekking, sorting the gear, packing and repacking. It is helpful to have the proper equipment particularly shoes and socks, before you leave home. There are very good used equipments available in Nepal (sometimes at lower prices than elsewhere), but the thing is you can not get the proper size of boots and running shoes and socks are hard to find. If you are on a prearranged trek it is better to have your entire kit organized in advance, rather than to spend the night before the trek begins scoring all over Kathmandu for an item of gear.
Think about boots or running shoes, which need to be comfortable. Proper footgear is the most important item. Your choices of footgear will depend on the length of trekking, whether you will be walking in snow or not. Thermal ski socks--a nylon or wool combination are probably the best. You can wash it several times during long trekking and pure wool socks dry in a few hours in sun, often during a single lunch stop. Likewise, down clothing has the advantage of being light and compressible. It will stuff in to a small space when packed, yet bulk up when you wear it. You better bring a good jacket on a trek. Most ski jackets are not warm enough. Your down jacket can serve many functions on the trek. It will become a pillow at night, protect fragile items in your rucksack or duffle bag and if are you are extremely cold at high altitude, you can wear it to be inside your sleeping bag. Here are the lists of necessary equipment checklist:
 Running shoes or boots
Camp shoes
 Socks, nylon thermal
  Down filled or Fiber-filled Jacket:
 Wool shirt, sweater, or Acrylic Pile Jacket
 Hiking shorts for men, skirts for women
 Umbrella
 Sunhat
 Underwear
 Nylon wind pants
 Gloves
 Long underwear
 Sunglasses or Goggles
 Sun screen for lips
 Duffle bag
 Extra duffle bag or suitcase
Other equipment
 Rucksack
 Sleeping bag
 Water bottle
 Torch (flashlight)
 Sun Cream
 Cameras
  Medical kits